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31 March 2011 @ 01:10 am
One Day Fandom Auction!  

A One Day Fandom Auction is being held by USAIAMHOTTEST on their livejournal on April 1st until April 9th where they will be auctioning of fanfic authors, artwork, and even 2PM/2AM merchandise in order to raise money for Japan. Stay tuned to USIAMHOTTEST's tumblr and twitter for updates!

I know you've all heard about the recent atrocities in Japan lately... Death numbers topping 10,000 and over 20,000 people missing...The damage total is over $300 billion...

and even though we're merely just kpop fans, I don't think that should stop us from coming together as friends, as family, as a community and helping those who really need it the most.

There was a lyric from a song I've heard recently that really chilled me to the bone:

"Let's believe that if we all stand together, we're a force that could shake the whole world"

I believe we can! Let's do something important for once, in the name of Hottest, in the name of IAM, and in the name of One Day, let's help save Japan.

We can help! I know we can. Please, Hottest. Please, IAM. Let's save Japan.